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3 Types Of Buttons You May Want To Have For the first time you heard of the term “button making”, you might not think quickly of the word “fun”. Basically, making buttons is an entertaining and engaging experience, which is made more enjoyable with the fact that you are going to end up with useful products when you’re done. Buttons are going to be a wonderful solution whether you are looking for a way to promote a campaign, fundraise for a cause or show support for a band, person or team. We are going to talk about the 3 different types of buttons that you can have as you read this article. Number 1. Fabric buttons – there are many attachments to this similar to zipper pull, cell phone charm or keychain that can turn any buttons to personalized novelty item. This is more useful for embroidery shops, which could make personalized fabric button to make them an accessory. There are several backs that could be used with fabric button while some prefer pinback to wear on clothing, jacket or hat or a decoration for purses, others prefer a more versatile back.
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Number 2. Pinback buttons – these have a number of uses and both photo buttons as well as fabric buttons are overlapping this category. On the other hand, promoting bands is one specific usage for pinback buttons. There are a number of purposes to which pinback buttons are used. Some are more popular as being a collector’s item particularly for independent bands.
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A number of popular rock bands from the 70s have sold 1 inch pinback buttons with the name or logo of their bands whether you believe it or not. The tradition of buttons for bands increased as more bands have searched for a cheaper way to advertise and promote themselves, a show, album or even a song. Aside from that, there are many bands that have evolved to making use of more than an inch buttons for the sole purpose of promoting themselves. In addition to that, refrigerator magnets, earrings, medallions become popular because of how easy they are to produce. The most cost efficient way of promoting your band through these promotional buttons depend on the number of buttons desired. Ordering buttons for band from custom button making store can be a good option is wise if you like a small amount for one time promotion. Number 3. Photo buttons – these have varieties of uses and most of them are seen on parents who make photo buttons with photos of their kids. As a matter of fact, if you have been to a high school sporting event, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen a number of parents who proudly display their daughters and sons with these photo buttons.